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    Hearing loss prevention has long been something adults have been conscious of, and in recent times, earmuffs for kids have become a huge industry. But amidst all this, one group has been largely ignored – babies. Like older people, a baby’s hearing is sensitive to loud noises and needs protection.

    The Need for Baby Hearing Protection

    When most people are asked about protecting babies hearing, they often don’t see why it’s necessary. Why would a baby be in a noisy environment? And wouldn’t a baby communicate if it’s hearing was being damaged? The fact is, babies are often exposed to loud noise, and while they may cry as a result, it is not always clear to those around that the noise is the cause of the discomfort.

    Babies, unlike children, usually go everywhere with their parent or guardian, including to motor racing and sporting events. Drag racing, fireworks, football matches, concerts – all are events that babies are likely to attend. Have a look around next time you’re at one of these events – you’re certain to see young babies in attendance with their mum or dad. Like everyone else at the event, these babies need to have their ears covered to prevent noise induced hearing loss.

    Preventing of Hearing Damage for a Baby

    While the simplest solution would be to keep babies away from noisy events, this is easier said than done. A lot of families enjoy spending time together, no matter what the environment. In addition, it is not always possible (or comfortable) to use a babysitter for an infant. For this reason, it is essential to have items on hand that protect a baby’s hearing.

    While earplugs are one possible option, these are often small and almost impossible to use in a babies small ears. A parent placing their hands over a baby’s ears is another possibility, but is hardly a long term solution. One of the most cost effective and convenient ways is to use hearing protection earmuffs.

    Until recently, there were a few options available for toddler hearing protection, but nothing designed specifically for babies. While these kids earmuffs could be used on infants, they were too large for a newborn’s small head, and often too tight. However, a recently released product designed just for newborns and infants ensures that even the smallest of children can have their hearing protected when in a noisy environment. This means that a baby can have its hearing protected, and the parents can enjoy their time together, knowing that their little ones ears are being looked after.

    If you, or someone you know, often take their baby to noisy environments, you’ll appreciate just how important it is to have baby hearing protection available. To find a complete range of hearing protection options for babies, head to:

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